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Dog & Cats

WinnieThePooh Two - aka  "Quincy"
(Born 4/5/2005 )


This is Quincy at 5 days old. He was the only pup born to Wednesday.  He was born on Winston's 2 month death anniversary.  I can't wait to bring him home.  I am lost without my Winston.
Quincy meets "The Big Guy"

Quincy is 5 weeks old here.



Quincy (5 weeks old) taking a nap with Wednesday. 

The three puppies, Quincy, Louise and Thelma - trying to escape.

Barron von Winston - aka  "Winston"
(Born 6/1/2000 - died 2/5/2005)
Please click on "In Loving Memory" to read about Winston

This is Winston (2 months old) and the neighbor dog Idgy.

Here is Winston  (5 months old) with his "Aunty" Lori. 

Here is Winston (5 months old) with Grandma and Grandpa.

Winston at 6 months old sitting in the office watching me work on the computer.

Winston,  at 6 months old,  wearing a 'halo'.    The toy was originally a frisbee that he managed to chew the middle out of.  Sometimes when he picks this up he flips it over his head !

Here is Winston, age 7 months,  laying on the rug in the bathroom.  Wonder if that was Coke or Pepsi in the bottle?

Winston, 7 months old, Christmas 2000

Winston sitting by the pasture watching Missy & Jemma.  Winston is 10 1/2 months old here.  He loves to go to the barn!

Winston at 11 months old enjoying a spring day watching the horses in the pasture.  He loves to go to the barn!

Winston's 1st birthday,
June 1, 2001

One bad looking Pug!  Winnie in his Harley hat.

Winnie and Grandma, Christmas 2001

Wednesday and Pugsley - Winston's Mother and Father

Winston playing with Bandit at the barn - April 19, 2003

Silver Saddle Security - provided by Winston!


(died 2/12/2005)

This is Freebie.  I got him as a stray cat when he was about 1 year old.  He is now about 17 years old.

Update: Freebie died 2/12/2005

Please click on "In Loving Memory" to read about Freebie

This is Princess.  Also a stray cat.  She is a manecoon cat.  Very furry and soft.  My purrball - furball.

Here is Shadow about 1 1/2 years old.


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