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Missy's Foaling Diary

Missy's Foaling Diary
Welcome Jemma 3/30/2001 @ 9:45pm
April 7, 2000 I delivered her to the breeder, L&V Quarter Horses, Ashland, OH on Friday, April 7, 2000. 
April 23, 2000 She was bred to Chipaholic on April 23, 2000.  
May 9, 2000 Veterinarian in Ashland, OH checks Missy on the 15th day after breeding and she is in foal ! !   Click here for the 15 day ultrasound picture.
May 23, 2000 She just passed the 30 day check.  The baby is doing very well and has a strong heart beat.   Missy should be coming home soon.   Click here for the 30 day ultrasound picture. 
June 7, 2000 Missy comes home from the breeder to her new home, Linden Creek Farm.  Linden Creek Farm was recommended by our veterinarian as a great place for Missy to foal.  Here she has a large stall, daily turnout and an experienced staff is on-hand to assist with the foaling. 
June 8, 2000 Missy is checked by Dr. Jane Kennedy MRCVS of Canon Hill Veterinary Clinic in Canonsburg, PA.   Missy is doing well at the 45 day check.  Sorry, no ultrasound picture available.
June 23, 2000 Dr. Jane Kennedy is scheduled to do Missy's 60 day check.
August 22, 2000 Missy was not eating her grain.  This is quite unusual.  We called the vet.  Dr. Becky could not find anything wrong.  Perhaps it was the baby moving.
August 23, 2000 Missy is now 4 months along and doing well.  She is beginning to show a bit.  The baby is kicking alot.
September 11, 2000 Missy had a bit of a problem today.  She decided not to eat her grain.  She also was laying down alot.  Just to be safe, the vet was called.  Missy is doing fine.  Perhaps the active baby was just causing her some distress.
September 23, 2000 Missy in now 5 months along.  She is beginning to fill out a bit.  Here are some current pictures.

 Missy Walking    Missy Standing


February 8,  2001 Missy is about 52 days away from foaling.  The baby has dropped a bit.  The foal will do most of its' growing in the last 2 months.  I'm getting excited!!

Missy #1           Missy #2


March 8, 2001 Missy is doing well.  Starting to get a belly on her.  Since this is her first foal and she is a large horse, she does not look like the typical broodmare.  I noticed tonight that she is beginning to 'bag up'. 
March 17, 2001 Missy is doing well.  As you can see I updated my web page and added the foal contest.  Soon the Web Cam will arrive and be installed.
March 25, 2001 The stall cam is finally installed and working. 
March 26, 2001 Missy is waxed up.  She is starting to show signs of getting ready to foal.  Her stall is now bedded with straw for the birth.  Be sure to tune into the stall cam for updates.
March 27, 2001 Missy is wondering what is going on inside her.  She is wanting to be left alone.  Tomorrow is her tentative due date.

Missy #1


March 28, 2001 Well today is her tentative due date.  Missy is very aware of the changes going on inside her.  She does not want anyone, even me, to come near her.  She is bagged up and waxing.  The baby has dropped some more.   At times she is restless and walks her stall.  She is not yet running any milk.  Dr. Jane was here today.  She said Missy could deliver any day now.  I had been taking vacation to be with her, but I decided to go back to work tomorrow.  Watch - now she will have the baby!
March 29, 2001 Still waiting.   
March 30, 2001 I arrived at the barn late afternoon. The first

thing I noticed is that Missy looked 'thin' to me.  She did not have the belly she had the day before.  I thought perhaps the foal was getting into position.  Missy also felt somewhat cooler to me.  She was waxed up - big time!  Even her wax, had wax!   I thought to myself - we are having a baby tonight.  

Missy was walking quite a bit in her stall.  Scotty and I thought perhaps putting her outside for a bit would be good for her.  In the paddock, she continued to walk the fence line.  Pacing back and forth.  After 1/2 hour we brought her in.   It was 7:00 pm.  I went for dinner.  Scotty left the farm.  

I sat in the lounge and ate while reading a book - Blessed are the Broodmares.  I figured if my mare was having a foal I should know something about the process.  Hey, better late than never to start reading about the subject!  Little did I know at the time that in about 1 hour Missy was going to foal.  

I left the lounge about 8:45pm and went to the barn.  I was on the farm alone, but only a phone call away from assistance.  Missy was doing well.  I proceeded to clean her stall and talk with her.  Some folks from the barn stopped by and noticed 'something' on her back legs.  My gosh!  She was running milk!  Then I saw the steam coming off her.  I said - "WE ARE HAVING A BABY - SOON!"   "I read this in the book!" 

First I had to call for assistance from someone much more knowledgeable than myself.  I called JR at the house and asked him to try and locate Scotty or Larry.  JR did.  Larry arrived within 5-8 minutes.  Cathy was there also.  JR on the phone.  Lots of folks on the Internet patiently/impatiently watching.  

I decided it was time to call the vet.  Dr. Becky was on call.  She was aware of the situation as Dr. Jane filled her in.  She was on her way to the farm.

Soon after I hung up the phone, Missy's water broke.  Larry and I worked to get her tail wrapped.  Several times we had to help Missy reposition herself in the stall.  It seemed each time she laid down she was too close to the wall.  Finally we got her in a good position.  Moments later I noticed the first hoof appear still tucked inside the bag, as it should be.   Next I saw the second hoof appear.  Hum, I thought - this looks good!  Then the muzzle.  I was so excited.  It took Missy a few minutes to get the head out.  Soon after the rest of the baby followed.  Just like the book I read 1 hour prior said.  

Larry assisted in removing the rear hooves. Cathy assisted by alerting us to possible problems, such as opening the sac for air. Next Missy stood up and broke the cord,  The baby was laying down breathing and looking about.  It was about this time that Dr. Becky showed up.  

Dr. Becky assessed the situation and said all looked well.  It seemed Missy had a normal delivery.  Soon after Missy arose she went over to the foal and started bonding.  She licked the foal for quite some time.  

The next step was to get the baby nursing.  Dr. Becky and Scotty assisted Missy and the foal with learning to nurse.  It seemed that Missy was not quite ready.  She had not yet delivered the placenta.  Dr. Becky worked with Missy to get this process moving.  A short walk down the aisle way and soon after Missy passed a normal placenta.  Next step - get the foal to nurse. 

For quite some time Dr. Becky and Scotty worked with the foal getting her to nurse.  It did not take long to notice that the foal is able to walk completely under Missy!  That will quickly change as she will grow all too fast!   Soon the foal was nursing.  Missy's instincts had kicked in and she was being a good mother.  Gone was the nasty disposition that had arrived earlier in the week.  Back was the sweet mare I have know since she was 4 months old. 

By this time some folks watching on the Internet had arrived.  Everyone was excited!  I sat back and commented - "These are My Girls!"

Here are some of the first pictures.  You know more are coming because this is the FIRST baby!

Jemma's 1st picture       Jemma & Missy's 1st picture     

Jemma Standing            Jemma Laying Down

Jemma's Birth

Watch Jemma Grow Up - Jemma's Baby Book

Jemma is named after my cousin Jack Elmer Michael (JEM) who passed away 3/30/2001 about 1 1/2 hours after Jemma was born.  Jackie will be happily remembered and sadly missed.

Missy's Foaling Diary
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