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Jemma - Four Year Old

Happy 4th Birthday Jemma!!

Jemma will turn 4 years old on March 30, 2005. 

She is still as sweet as she was when she was a baby. 

Jemma is a joy to ride.  She rides better than her mother. 

One day in February 2005, I was at the barn riding Jemma.  Both of us get bored riding around in the arena.  The weather was OK so I decided to take Jemma on a trail ride.  This would be her FIRST.  It was just Jemma and I at the barn.  I felt 100% confident in her and me!  My goal was to walk her down the long driveway to the main road.   This would be the first time I would ask Jemma to walk away from her barn and buddies.  Plus the area is heavily wooded so it was quite possible to see wildlife on the way. 

We walked out of the barn and across the outdoor arena.  Then we continued up the driveway past the pasture where she is turned out.  She did stop a couple of times on the way but continued when I asked her.  She walked all the way down the driveway to the main road without incident.  We saw deer and other animals on the way.  She continued to the main road where we turned around and walked back.  She is amazing!  She did not do one thing wrong!  What a great young horse!

On March 1, 2005 Jemma was cantered with a rider for the first time.  My friend Kaley was out to the barn to ride Jemma.  We decided it was time for Jemma to experience cantering with a rider for the first time.  We elected to try this on the lunge line.  Jemma transitioned into the canter and maintained it as if she had done it ALL her life! 

Since I am long term unemployed, I have been 'thinking' about selling Jemma.  Last year I had a price in mind.  Well now that price has increased!  I really don't want to sell her.  She is too valuable to me.  I do believe she will make an excellent horse for a child or small adult.  Contact me if you are interested in leasing. 

I will take current measurements soon.  I do think she will be taller than a large pony. 

March 17, 2005 - Took Jemma on her first official trail ride.  Just me and her.  She was excellent.  We went exploring in the woods at the barn where she is boarded.  The only thing she objected to was crossing a very tiny bit of water.  After getting off and walking her across several times, I was able to get back on and ride her over.  Then she proceeded to pick her way through the woods - crossing over many downed trees.  Amazing!  Coming back I thought she would just walk over the small bit of water . . . well she surprised me and JUMPED it!   Overall she gets an A+

Keep checking back for updated pictures and information.


Jemma - 4 years old!
March 30, 2005




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