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Jemma - Two Year Old

Happy 2nd Birthday Jemma!!

Jemma turned 2 years old on Sunday, March 30, 2003.  We had a small celebration, including a carrot cake, for Jemma at the barn.  I cannot believe she is 2 years old already. 

Jemma stands about 14.2 hands on the front and almost 15 hands on the rear.  She is starting her spring growth spurt.  She is not yet ready to go under saddle and that is just fine.  I will re-evaluate her again in 6 months (September 2003) to see if she is ready.  I may even wait until Spring 2004.  No hurry. 

Jemma is still a very sweet, affectionate mare.  You can still see alot of baby in her.  She is beginning to challenge authority, but with manners training, she will do fine.   The plan for this year includes competing in halter classes at local and AQHA horse shows.  I will also advance her ground training: introducing long lines and the bridle.

Update - September 8, 2003 - I took my first ride on Jemma today!!  The trainer said he thought she was ready.  So without hesitation I got on her.  She just stood there.  Then we walked 2x around the round pen and I dismounted.  What a THRILL - one of my goals was accomplished!  She now stands almost 14.3 on the front and 15. 1/2 on the rear.  A slow grower - but SUPER looking horse.

Jemma - 2 years old!
March 30, 2003

Jemma's Birthday Visitors

Jemma enjoying the pasture on a nice spring day - April 19, 2003

My 2 year old butt shot!

(what is this thing on my back?)

Jemma's first time with the saddle.  She stood still while I saddled her.  Then went off walk-trot-canter both directions.  No problems at all.  I also put a bridle on her briefly.  She is a real sweetie!!

More 1st saddle pictures.

Trotting with the saddle on for the first time!

Jemma's first horse show in 2004!  June 8, 2003.  Western Halter class.  4th place out of 11 horses.  I was very proud of her.  The judge said she was very fit, but small.

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