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Jemma - Weanling

This the Jemma's first picture.  Here she is only minutes old.  Taken March 30, 2001 about 9:45pm.
Here is Jemma laying down.

Jemma standing with Missy.
Jemma with mom Missy - bonding.

Jemma (2 days old) with Jeff C.  - Where's the milk?  Pictured here at 29" tall.
Jemma 5 days old in pasture on a sunny, warm day.

Sunning myself while mommy stands and protects me.  Jemma 5 days old.  Can you believe this mare just gave birth 5 days ago?  She looks awesome!
Mommy trying to keep up with Jemma (5 days old).  She likes to explore on her own!

Soon I will be able to reach the grass.  But I will still need teeth!  Jemma 5 days old.

For now I am happy nursing off my mother.  Missy is an excellent mother.

Jemma nursing 4/14/2001.  She is now 15 days old.
Jemma close up shot.  She walked right into the camera.

Jemma in action.  Watch out.  She likes to run and buck!  
Jemma standing.

Jemma's first teeth.  I noticed them when Jemma was 13 days old.  This picture is not very good because I was holding the camera and opening her mouth at the same time.
Mommy & Me butt shots.  Keep in mind, this mare just gave birth 15 days ago!

Missy & Jemma standing in the pasture.  Jemma 15 days old.
Jemma & Missy grazing in the rain - April 21, 2001.  Jemma 3 weeks old.

Jemma & Winston playing in the pasture on a rainy day.  Jemma 3 weeks old.
Jemma using Missy as an umbrella.  Jemma is actually to big to fit under Missy, but on a rainy day she will manage!

Jemma's first boo boo.  Notice a scrape mark to the top right of her stripe.  Probably got this putting her head under the fencing as seen here in the picture.  Pictured here at 3 weeks old. 
Jemma nursing back in her stall after being out in the rain.  3 weeks old.

Jemma seen here grazing on the way back into the barn.  She is 4 weeks old here.  
Missy & Jemma standing in the pasture - April 29, 2001.  Jemma 4 weeks old.  Missy 8 years old.  Notice that Jemma is so much like her mother.   Here they are seen watching a child have fun on a swing set.  They were a bit afraid!

Jemma, now 4 weeks old,  nursing.
Jemma and Missy walking toward me.  Notice how alike their shadows are.

Jemma, now 6 weeks old, standing in the pasture.  Notice how even she is growing.  She is now 41" tall. 
Jemma, 6 weeks old, grazing.

Another of Jemma, 6 weeks old, grazing.
Jemma and Winston in the pasture.  Jemma is now 2 months old.  Winston is almost 1 year old.

Jemma at 2 months old.  Notice she is beginning to lose her baby hair on her face.  Notice also that she is wearing a halter.
Jemma grazing at 2 months old.  She is very independent.

Jemma and Missy grazing together.  Notice the matching halters.
Look what mommie taught me!  How to graze with my head through the fence.

Jemma nursing.  Notice how Missy has her ears back.  Jemma is now 2 months old.  It seems that Missy is getting tired of the mother stuff.   Soon Jemma will be on her own.  She already eats grain and hay.  I also admit to hand feeding her small bits of carrots . . . 
Here is Jemma on June 19, 2001 wearing her new flymask.

Jemma on July 9, 2001.  Notice the new halter.  She outgrew the green halter pictured above.  
Jemma in action, running through the pasture. 

Jemma and Winston, July 9, 2001.

July 9, 2001

Jemma Grazing

Missy & Jemma Grazing

Jemma Running to Me

Missy and Jemma, July 30, 2001.  Jemma is now 4 months old and about to be weaned. 

Here is the last butt shot for awhile.  Jemma is going to be weaned Aug 1, 2001.  They will be separated for at least 2 months.

"Marge" & "Homer" at the barn visiting the grand pets!

8 Months Old - dirty, with a winter coat.


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