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Jemma - Yearling

Jemma - 1 year old!
March 30, 2002


Jemma starts training - June 1, 2002

Jemma standing on the trailer - June 1, 2002.  Leaving to go to the trainer. 
Jemma at the trainer - just arrived.  Kinda standing downhill.  But you still can see her butt is a bit taller than her front.  She is 14.1 (rear) and 13.2 (front).

Jemma after 1 week of training.  She looks fantastic.  Still has some weight to gain and muscling. 
Hoping to do our first show June 22-23, 2002.

Did not make it to the show June 22-23.  Not yet ready.  But look how good she looks!!

Looks fantastic!

And Again - FANTASTIC!

Jemma - July 21, 2002 Looking GREAT!

Jemma with Vic Moyer - her first horse show - 8/24/2002 in South Park.  1st Place out of 8 horses!
Missy, Jemma and Me 8/24/2002 at the South Park Horse Show.  Vic showed Jemma.  I showed Missy.  Jemma got 1st place.  Missy got 3rd place.  8 horses in the class. A great day!!

Jemma and Me - 1st Place (Shown by Vic Moyer) 8/24/2002

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Jemma - Yearling
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