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"Miss Money Broker"

1993 Quarter Horse Mare

This is Missy at 2 1/2 years old.  I have owned her since she was 8 months old.  She now stands 16+ hands tall and around 1300 pounds. 

Missy has been the joy of my life ever since she picked me! Yes, that is right, she chose me. I was actually looking at another horse on the same farm. Every time I looked over towards her she was looking back at me. She had such kind eyes and a gentle disposition. Suddenly I found myself considering purchasing a young horse. You guessed it - I bought her!

Raising a young horse was a new experience for me since my previous horse was full grown. I have to say, Missy knew what she was doing. She was very patient with me and eager to learn. Very smart also.

I basically trained her myself for the first year and a half. Teaching her to lunge, acclimating her to the bridle and saddle, teaching her to long line (i.e. drive). She was a quick study.

At two years old we started her under saddle. She was amazing! On her first ride the trainer was able to mount her from the mounting block (horse stood still), walk and posting trot both directions. About four rides later she was cantering with the correct lead!

When Missy was fourteen months old we participated in our first horse show. We did the Halter class at a local show. We placed 3rd out of twelve horses! I was proud. You see, this was my very first time in the show ring and I trained the horse myself! I should mention that I was an adult in my mid thirties at the time.

Occasionally Missy has participated in some horse shows. At two and a half she went to her first show in Saxonburg, PA. My goal was for her to be well behaved. She did not let me down. In spite of all of the commotion at a horse show and the strange surroundings, she behaved very well. Her class was large and I was not expecting a ribbon. And she did not get one either - perhaps it was the baby buck she did in front of the judge?

Missy has quite a personality. In her stall she can be a typical mare. Bring her out of the stall, saddle her up, and you never get a bad ride. During your ride she may slowly stop. We think this is because "the quarter is up" and another one must be added to continue the ride. After all she is a "Quarter" horse!

Her favorite past time is eating / grazing. Hence, her nickname is Hoover! She does several tricks including a bow, guess which hand the treat is in, give me a hug, and responds to voice commands (walk, trot, whoa, butt over (move over) etc.). Heck she even spells! Once in a lesson the instructor told me to t-r-o-t and the horse immediately started trotting! Honestly, I never gave her the command.

In the summer of 1997, I went for my first trail ride. To say I was nervous was an understatement! Another lady at my barn and I decided to take a short trail ride. I screamed from nervousness the entire time. Hysterically laughing also. We had to go down a few hills and they made me the most nervous. In spite of all the noise I made, Missy continued on as if nothing was happening.

My first trail ride was a success because of my horse and the other rider that went with me. All during the ride my friend kept telling me to relax and sit back. In the end I enjoyed it and took a several more. I even went by myself a few times.

Not everything has been peaches and cream. Unfortunately, Missy has had some health problems. We work through them every day. Her problems have brought me great sadness because I don't want to see her hurting. In spite of it all, I would not part with her for all the money in the world. She is my best buddy! She has a home for life!

At age 22 months Missy had a serious illness. I give great thanks to my local veterinarian who correctly and quickly diagnosed the problem and sent us to Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital. I quickly rushed Missy to OSU for emergency surgery. I give great credit to the veterinarians and students at Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital for saving her life! Without their care, she may not be with me today.

Missy foaled a beautiful filly on March 30, 2001.  She was bred to Chipaholic.  The filly's name is Jemma (Miss Money Chip).

Update - Sept 12, 2003:  Today is my 41st birthday and I must write that I am really enjoying Missy.  She is currently at a private barn where a retired Quarter Horse trainer is working with her and I.  Both of us are improving.  Missy looks fabulous.  We are getting ready for a horse show Sept 14.  If we do well, we might earn enough points to win our division.  We are currently in 2nd place.  (Update - we came in Reserve Champions for our division and won a monogrammed halter).  I was thrilled!!

I feel like home when I am riding. Missy and I do Western and English Pleasure, Trail Class and Games as well as Walk-Trot/Canter Cross Poles in the Hunter/Jumper shows.  She is very willing. 

2010 Update - It has been a long time since I updated my web site.  In fact I took it off line for a year or so. 

Missy and I have been busy.  For over 4 years we boarded at a private facility in Elizabeth.  We did arena work - but mostly enjoyed the trails.  From this barn you can go FOREVER!!   We had some very memorable rides - to the top of a coal pile over looking the Yough River, down to the bike trail that goes to Washington DC, through the Junk Yard that always had some new interesting JUNK, and mostly through the woods creating our own path.  Missy is a WONDERFUL horse.  She has never given me a bad ride! 

April 2010 - Missy is now back in Finleyville at a private farm.  We are getting used to riding in South Park again.  At the last farm we were out in the woods alone with the wildlife.  Now we are back to a busy park with lots of fun stuff to see!! 

Jemma Update - Sadly/Happily I sold Jemma in November 2009 to a lady that had leased her for a few years.  Jemma has a WONDERFUL home and is very active in the Hunters / Cross Country and trail riding. 

Peanut Update - I still own my Miniature Horse 'Lil Gold Mine' (aka Peanut).  He is still crafty, smart and very personable.  He will soon be at the same farm with Missy. 

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