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Missy's Photos

This is Missy at 6 weeks old.
This is Missy at 14 months old at our first horse show.  We entered the Halter class at South Park, PA and placed 3rd out of 12 horses.  The judge came over to me and commented on how much he liked my horse.  This is my favorite ribbon because Missy and I earned this ribbon ourselves!  I was SO proud of her.

This is Missy at 3 years old dressed as a Hula Girl in her Halloween costume!  The hula skirt is hand made out of raffia and is 12 feet around.  Our barn had a yearly costume party.  Missy took 1st place!

Missy at 3 years old

This is Missy at 4 years old.  The young lady, Dana, rode Missy in the Hunter Under Saddle classes at our barn show.  They did very well together.

March 27, 2001 - standing in her stall waiting for the baby to be born.
Missy seen grazing on April 29, 2001, one day before her 8th birthday.  She is a wonderful horse!

A fantastic shot of Missy in the pasture.  I just love the expression.

Missy grazing July 9, 2001.   The white things on Missy's legs are fly bands.  The help keep the flies off her legs.  I found them particularly helpful on trail rides!

Missy & Jemma Grazing - July 9, 2001

Missy & Jemma in the pasture on July 30, 2001


Jemma is 4 months old!

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Missy's Photos
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